About Us

Classic Brands™ LLC – over 100 Years in the Birding Industry

Classic Brands LLC is a new, family-owned, company with over 100 years of management and design experience in the birding industry. We are also a company comprised of individuals passionate about birds. We took careful time and consideration to develop quality birding products to bring more birds and more joy into your yard. We asked birders across the country what they wanted in a bird feeder, here's what we learned.

Consumer Research

Two major research studies* were conducted to Identify what consumers want in bird feeders. The overall conclusions show that birders want feature-rich feeders that will help to attract more birds to their yard as well as more species of birds. Based on these important findings, we designed a revolutionary line of bird feeders and hummingbird nectars that are better for you and better for birds.

Better For YOU

All of our feeders are easy to fill with wide openings. Even our tube feeders have wide funnel tops.
Removable tops, sides, or bottoms make cleaning easy. Plus, all hummingbird feeder bases easily disassemble.
Our feeders keep seed at all the ports even when the seed gets low, thus attracting more birds!
Select the seed to attract your favorite birds and adjust the perches to fit different sized birds.

Better For Birds

Our feeders are designed to benefit birds and attract more birds to your yard.
  • Easier to feed, brings food out to the bird
  • Larger perches, more comfortable
  • More ports, more places to eat
  • Keeps seed at all ports even when low
  • Serves all types of food



*Project Wildbird, funded by the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, Classic Brands LLC proprietary research.